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“ I have worked with several trainers and am so happy that I found Vanessa.  She knows what my body needs and can handle.  I always feel better after our sessions and she has helped me stay active through a challenging pregnancy.”

Krista P.

“I am an elementary teacher, and I am normally on my feet all day.  I am now teaching online which has resulted in me sitting all day, something I am not used to doing.  I started having bad back and hip pain so I contacted Vanessa. She was able to thoroughly assess me, then taught me exercises and stretches to do.  Within a week my hips and back were feeling so much better.  She also recommended strengthening tools to purchase for at home use.  She always goes above and beyond to help find ways to help strengthen my body.  She is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, motivating, and passionate about what she does.”

Sarah Dreger

“I have trained with Vanessa for more than five years and have found her to be outstanding.  She does a great job of combining exercises to produce a challenging but manageable workout for me.  I have also had the opportunity to observe Vanessa work with other clients, all with differing capabilities and she is always able to help each client reach their goals.  With 2020 and Covid-19 I have now trained with her in the gym and virtually; some workouts only using body weight and others with full gym equipment, no matter what she is dealing with she is able to keep me moving towards my fitness goals.  Without reservation I recommend Vanessa as your next personal trainer.”


Greg Sawatzky

“When I first started training with Vanessa, I was quite concerned about injury.  I had 9 knee operations and was quite overweight, and my self worth was quite low.  Vanessa took things very slowly with me and helped me build my confidence back.  Every time I went to training, she has something motivational, or something funny to say, and it just struck me that she really cares a lot.  I have since lost 100 pounds and Vanessa says “I did it all myself” but that is only a sign of how humble she is because its her, and her program that kept me coming back and kept me motivated to push myself and to not be frightened about being injured.  I am so very happy that I have Vanessa in my corner, she is a blessing, anyone who trains with her would be lucky to do so.”


Kristi B.

“In the fitness industry there are so many conflicting pieces of advice and information which had left me confused and questioning what I was doing.  I needed someone to help me create more than just a generic plan.  I really appreciate the passion Vanessa has for the whole industry, its not just about a workout it is a way of life.  She makes me want to be intentional with how I workout, with what I eat and how I feel.  It’s one thing for a trainer to look at your goals and say eat broccoli and boiled chicken, weight train 5 times a week, and do an additional hour of cardio a day.  But I wanted someone who could help me reach my goals in a holistic matter and in a way that fits my lifestyle.  Vanessa has a real-life approach which is manageable and enjoyable.  This is not just a job or a career for her, this is her passion.  She wants people to succeed in a positive environment and to take intentional steps everyday toward their health and fitness goals.”-


Michelle S.

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